Why do sales people deserve better leads?


We're driven to identify the best possible sales opportunities for sales people. In everything we do, whether it's helping a client to develop an effective call approach or navigating a telephone call with prospects, we have this on our mind. 

The core team at Oaktree have been working with sales and marketing teams on telemarketing campaigns for years (some of us started doing this as far back as the 1990s, but we try not to make them feel too old). Across that collective experience, we've worked with lots of sales and marketing teams and something really stands out: talented, hard-working sales and marketing teams deserve better leads. 

A lot of work goes into growing a customer base. From identifying target markets, branding, social media, marketing and PR, right the way through to the hundreds of miles driven to prospect meetings and countless out-of-hours work on perfecting proposals, preparing presentations and crafting quotes.

None of that work matters if a sales team struggles to engage enough new prospects in conversations about fixing their problems, or helping them to move towards the future with the right products, solutions and services in place. 

Beginning those conversations and correctly prioritising those types of leads isn't easy. Luckily, we really care about getting this bit of the sales and marketing puzzle right.

Find out how now.