What kind of things do we do?

There are lots of ways to work with Oaktree to engage your target market and identify new sales prospects. 

Over the years, we have found that while calling on its own can be successful, campaigns supported by other activities such as email, direct mail and social do make that first telephone contact easier and the campaign as a whole more productive. 

Multi-touch campaigns amplify a proposition for a given marketing budget, making it more likely that a prospect will know you and what you stand for before we call them. 

 That’s why we’re now offering strategic and tactical support for the development and execution of multi-touch marketing campaigns.  Services include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Direct mail
  • Online advertising
  • Website development

Of course, all of these are designed to enhance the outcomes of our range of telemarketing activities:

  • Lead identification telemarketing
  • Demand generation telemarketing
  • Dormant customer research
  • Existing customer nurturing
  • Appointment-making
  • Opportunity nurturing/call-back management
  • Call-out days
  • Telesales training & consultancy

All the services are offered as a pick and mix menu so that the most appropriate combination of activities are delivered to meet your objectives. And, since they are delivered by one team, we think you’ll see an engagement with Oaktree as a better use of your valuable time and money.