You deserve to hear from us, but only if you want to - a tick from you now could be really useful for you later.

Oaktree is moving to "opt-in" communications before 25th May, 2018. After then, we won't be able to contact you directly with useful tips for finding new sales leads, improving conversational skills and ways you can get involved, unless we have a tick from you!

What we have to say about finding new sales opportunities for your business could be useful to some of you, but we only want to share what we're thinking with those of you who want to know. It also means we're a step ahead of the game when it comes to future changes to data protection legislation (for more on GDPR, click here).

What does it mean if I tick "Yes"?

You only hear from us how you want to, whether by telephone, email, post or SMS. You could choose them all, or just the ones your prefer - it's your decision.

It's fast and simple to change your mind whenever you like - you just need to fill out our short form so we can find you on our systems.

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If you do decide to hear from us, you'll see us share the very best tips on how to improve your own sales and marketing activity in a world with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), new ideas on engaging with your prospects and customers, along with ways you can get involved with Oaktree to help give great sales people the leads they deserve.