The biggest change to data protection law for a generation
— Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner



Managing the consent of your customers and prospects has never been more important.

After 25th May, 2018, you will no longer be legally permitted to hold personal data for individuals within businesses you would like to sell to.... unless you can show that they have opted-in to hear from you.

Between now and then there is a massive opportunity to operate under the current Data Protection Act (1998) regulations in order to get yourself a headstart.

Oaktree offers a number of services that help you prepare for the "biggest change to data protection law for a generation," 



You'll be pleased to know that we can provide all of the planning, design, delivery and reporting resources required to help you prepare for life after GDPR becomes law. Our GDPR-Ready Full Service includes:

  1. Strategy Definition
  2. Data Profiling
  3. Email Design and Delivery
  4. Landing Page and Data Collection
  5. Telemarketing


strategy Definition

It's crucial you know why you're choosing the businesses you are marketing to after GDPR becomes law. It's only then you can build an effective strategy.

That strategy needs to take full advantage of the freedom of operating under the current data protection law and then stand out beyond that point operating within GDPR.

data profiling

Once you know who you would like to market to, the Oaktree telemarketing team will help you to ensure that target data is accurate, in preparation for any email or direct mail campaigns you have planned.


Once your target data is up to scratch, Oaktree will help you create an engaging email campaign designed to encourage prospects to let you know how they will want to hear from you after 25th May, 2018, when GDPR becomes law.


Our special Oaktree campaign development team will work with you to design a dedicated Opt-In website, complete with engaging content, full data collection and reporting functionality.


For those prospects not reacting to your Opt-In emails, we'll call on your behalf. That way, not only can we prompt them to consider how they might want to hear from you, we can qualify them in or out of your short-term sales pipeline.